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 Attractions in and around our area!!                                   Marmora and Lake is a beautiful little municipality, part of Hastings County and located in central

                                                                                       southern Ontario.                                                     Whether hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, ATVing or snowmobiling, are your pleasure, we have 

                                                                                      trails to explore.                                  The ultimate motorcycle playground, Ride the Highlands is located in Ontario, Canada.                       Nature Trails, Caves, and Ravines, ect...                          Terry Chisholm is a talented Tribute Artist and Musician. He is known as "The Man With The Voice", and

                                                                                  pays tribute to The King, Roy Orbison, the Righteous Brothers, Jay Black etc.....                                                                   Take a cruise on the Pristine Crowe Lake and River.


Greensides Farm          





                                              Enjoy a wonderful experience while exploring the 85 acre Conservation Area which includes  pioneer  beautiful  gardens,

                                                                                         nature trails, sheltered picnic areas and a  lovely mill pond with its new dam and covered bridge .                                            Art Gallery                                     Heritage Centre                                         Museum                                  Museum                                                                                                                

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